As in human medicine, specialists have become more and more popular in the veterinary field. As general practitioners, the doctors at LPAH realize the exceptional expertise that these doctors possess. We have constant communication with local and regional specialists in multiple veterinary disciplines. This allows us to research and obtain a specialist’s opinion on our more difficult cases. Further, we routinely refer very in depth cases to Referral institutions for care when it exceeds our capability (or earlier if requested). We remain committed to the highest standards of veterinary medicine for those furry ones in our care.

Listed below are some of the specialists we currently use for referral services.

Upstate Veterinary Specialists-Greenville SC

Carolina Veterinary Specialists-Charlotte, NC

University of Georgia-Athens, Georgia

University of Tennessee-Knoxville, TN

North Carolina State University-Raleigh, NC

Unifour Veterinary Referrals-Hickory, NC   828-328-6697