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HomeAgain Pet ID & Recovery

A lost pet is an unfortunate reality that every pet owner, regardless of how responsible they might be, may someday face. Luckily, however, there are certain precautions you can take to ensure that in the scenario you and your pet become separated, you can be reunited. Pet microchipping is one of the most effective methods available in locating a lost pet, and Laurel Park Animal Hospital proudly offers these services.

HomeAgain Pet ID & Recovery offers a tiny, inexpensive microchip that can be inserted under the skin of your pet providing the most effective way to identify a pet and their owner should they become lost. The implantation of this microchip is relatively painless and requires no anesthesia; much like a typical vaccination procedure. Currently, HomeAgain and their extensive Pet Rescue Network is directly responsible for the reunion of over 600,000 pets and their owners.

Here’s How It Works:


  1. Your pet goes missing or is lost
  2. Contact HomeAgain immediately.
  3. A notification will be sent out to all pet hospitals, shelters, in the area…
  4. The pet is found at one of these clinics/shelters and scanned
  5. HomeAgain contacts the pet owner notifying them of the location of the pet
  6. The pet and owner are reunited.