Waiting Room

In our Lobby, we understand your time is valuable and we work hard to stay on schedule and minimize any wait time.

Pet exam room

Our Large Pet Exam Room has a smooth, quiet lift scale to safely raise your pet to the right height for a comfortable and thorough exam. The lift table has a padded surface that is sanitized between each patient. It provides a warm, non-slippery surface which makes our patients feel secure.

Our Small Pet Exam Room has a stationary table with a non-slip pad. The instruments in both rooms are sized to be comfortable and accurate for all patients.

Our Treatment Area is easily the busiest space in the hospital. Here, we perform our blood, urine and fecal lab work, induce anesthesia, perform dental cleanings, perform pre-operative care, treat sick patients, trim nails, clean ears, pat heads,shake paws and much more.

Our Surgery Suite is held to high standards, offering the most advanced surgical techniques and technology. All patients are carefully screened for safety, and anesthetics are specifically tailored to your pet. Each patient is thermally supported by a warm water blanket, and vitals are monitored throughout surgery including ECG, Oxygen Saturation, Blood Pressure, temperature and Respiration rate. For patient safety we follow advanced sterilization techniques. And we are proud to offer CO2 Laser as an alternative to the traditional scalpel. The laser light beam cauterizes nerves and small vessels as it vaporizes tissue. This technology translates to less pain and less bleeding for your pet, allowing faster and more comfortable recovery.